Take me to the land

of the ordinary ones

It s raining tears

making the river of sadness wild

Our boat is sinking

Never meant to sail on such a weather

but who could predict

when a minute ago

the sun was drawing its silver mark at the horizon


we re now to far to ask for help

Take me to the land of the ordinary ones

where I could hear stories and say

“It only happens to others”



You sneaked into my dream uninvited

yet, welcomed

like a cozy blanket on a freezing winter


A donation, a gift from the  unknown

How much does it take to see you again ,

at least to know your name ?

I ll close my eyes, hoping to meet yours when you  too do.


My comfort

I do not own the following text , I simply  so agree with it so I am sharing this with you and remind everyone to be mindful of what they sow  because life is really JUST even if many wont agree.

If you plant dishonesty, you will reap distrust

If you plant selfishness, you will reap loneliness

If you plant pride , you will reap destruction

I you plant envy, you will reap trouble

If you plant laziness, you will reap stagnation

If you plant bittereness, you will reap isolation

If you plant greed, you will reap loss

if you plant gossip , you will reap enemies

If you plant worries , you will reap wrinkles

If you plant sin ,you will reap guilt

If you plant honesty, you will reap trust

If you plant goodness, you will reap friends

If you plant humility ,you will reap greatness

If you plant perseverance , you will reap victory

If you plan consideration ,you will reap harmony

If you plant hardwork ,you will reap success

If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation

If you plant openness, you will reap intimacy

If you plant patience , you will reap improvement

If you plant faith, you will reap miracles


If you plant money… if only that was possible  XD




tic tac tic tac tic tac….

my heart

anticipating excitment,


Wide open curtain

and booooom!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt know the world could be that cruel

I wish …I…whatever…

Too late anyway

All I can do now is clap

Like a normal audience

And go back home

Find refuge on my bed

Saving myself



Hunting for meaningfulness

Seasons drew negative paintings

ongoing interaction

strangers coming in

owning different pieces she needed

to complete the broken map

her calling, her mission

was to see where it led her to

her destiny, her fate


On a darkest  night

out of the coldest bath

like magic and evidence

after 28 years of search

Of prayer , fasting and battleship

she found the one , she long expected

the one she s been looking for

out of the abstract

the hope came alive

Negative converted

she recognized


To her own surprise










Winter is here , making it harder and harder to get up in the morning. Reminding me louder and louder of what I am missing . It ‘s so easy to get caught by the business of life,work, travel, papers, classes, money  and they are very distractive but not enough during the winter.

I have to get up I know, I have been opening my eyes for almost and hour yet my stubborn blanket wraps me up, stingy, like a possessive lover. I am texting with one  courageous hand while the other one is trapped in the warm blanket.

While my body is  busy looking for excuses , my mind is travelling to a place I so well know: my nook, my fantasy, my …what I cannot afford…

Yes, I d love to wake up on kisses as alarm clock , be like a child again and wait for , instead of my parents, I prefer the love of my life carry me in his strong arms , to the kitchen where hot chocolate is awaiting and we d have breakfast holding hands , fixing each other eyes,… if that  isnt too much :-), making sure we re both provided enough warmth…How I dream of an evening out  or home with my man having  simple soup, or just a cup of coffee near a fireplace and we d make out before coming back to bed and fall asleep in each other s arms, I promise, I wont complain about winter anymore, or simply not too often XD, when that will come ….Well, yeah…all that is in the mind and I lie if I deny them. All I can afford now is a cup of milk prepared by the maid and nothing is solved because I am stil stuck in bed .

Oh Winter time… you shall pass !!!!



Some people are dead  but their presence  linger in the hearts, in the minds ,in the things we see and do ,


Some people still live, more as ghosts , strangers to warmth, to community,

They are cold, wandering soul ,wandering feet, just everywhere with no clear destination,

Trapped between the 2 opposites

We have already lost them despite the fact that they are still around us

This is the saddest part, and we can do nothing about it.

We could be anyone’s Ghost though.

Light up  the candle and share your heart

before it s too late.



Quote for today


To anyone who may relate.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things that give value to survival”

C.S Lewis


My life when I first disappeared from wordpress (July to September 2018)

To change a bit from poems, I am glad to share a part of my heart in pictures and a part of my life. There was a time I completely disappeared from wordpress for many months to be part of a program of  eco volunteering with an organization called Cetamada.

It s a nonprofit association which goal is to protect the marine mammal population and their habitat. It was a full package of study, work, holiday, tourism and community development. An amazing adventure that was life changing.

Sadly , my USB stick was damaged and most of the pictures I took was stored there , however , I still have some great one I could save 🙂

If you have any question about anything, I d be glad to answer. This is just my let’s get to know and understand each other better  🙂


1- Accomodations

I had the privilege to stay in the best hotels of Sainte Marie during the whole journey

First month in Sainte Marie Lodge , Intimate and cozy place full of books and cats
Second month in Princess Bora. One of the most beautiful place in the Island  where I found  the most  friendly colleagues 🙂 (Messenger destroyed the quality of the picture 😦 )
Third month and few extra weeks in “Villas de Vohilava“, the most welcoming place and people you can ever meet. It was a delight to be there

2- Work and tasks


I am first a guide on a boat. My first task before any outing is done was to make sure everyone is well equipped and ready .  Then during a short briefing , I give  instructions and explain the rules and what they should expect for the adventure and to get them confortable.And last I help them to understand how important it is to protect the environment ,how it has an impact in the ocean life (PS: I know I am super short and I float in my outfit XD)


This is my skipper :), super cool. He s the one who decides which direction we re heading and I am reponsible to share it on the radio. (no comment about how sunburnt I am)
I am also part of scientific researchers team. I take information about the whales we re observing: duration, position, kind of group, numbers ,movements and reactions and anything worth considering (all the information are sent to complete the database of the scientific researchers)
The most important task of an ecovolunteer is to take pictures of the Fluke (the whale’s tail), because it represents its identity. This is also to help the scientific researchers to study them better.



The coolest part of this adventure is being part of an amazing show of one of the biggest animal ever and be part of people ‘s first time and being available to answer to their questions and explain the whales movements. Make them understand that they are blessed and very lucky to see such a thing. It s just magical ❤

If we re fast enough and lucky, we can also pick fragments of dead skins floating on the sea after a breach or strikes from a whale. It s much useful than the fluke ID for the scientific researchers
This work enables you to meet people from around the world and especially chinese photographers. But they are also the most stubborn passengers honestly. Many times we could have sinked  as they only wanna take great pictures and tend risk their safety by moving a lot on the same side of the boat when we should keep the balance.
Managing oneself and the passengers is hard work ,we have to deal with seasickness a lot,safety  and  the scientific tasks must be a priority at the same time. Really hard but awesome .

3- Fun time

We work hard and play hard

Every week, we just party at a host hotel and take time to share  about our experience during the week. We are also invited to attend great events .
Swiss Independence day celebration with fellow eco volunteers and colleagues
Disney night
My Birthday , celebrated at laVarangue with the Cetamada family

4- Holiday time

We make new friends and we enjoy resting after hard work and make sure we also enjoy our holiday

Canoe with david, eco volunteer from France
Snorkeling in a natural pool, just at the beach


Riding bikes and enjoy the scenery, The circulation is always free
Riding under the rain is super cool and painful too ha3
Got my baptism in scuba diving 🙂 mindblowing experience even if I was a bad student XD
Having a drink and moments with friends
Was blessed to have one of my friend visit the island and we could spend time together
It s a must to take postcard like picture when you are in a beautiful place
One of my favorite moment ever is just to rest and enjoy the nature , chill and be thankful

I have been keeping those pictures for many months now, but today I decided to share them because I should go back to that  place again in July as the whale season is open from June to September. I won’t stay long though but just for a week holiday. I might disapeear again for few months because I am gonna engage myself in another volunteering work after that.  For my traveller friends here, hope this inspired you somehow to come to Madagascar one day and the ecovolunteering is open for international volunteers if it interests anyone out there ,you can send your application (next year though, the subcription is already closed for this year season).

Well . Congrats, thanks for reaching the end and any comments and remarks are welcomed.











There is no accident

Rain falls as we fall in love

Against all prediction

Against the current season

Against plan and reasons

All we could do

is give  praise for this miracle

Be a good steward of the moment.

Whether it lasts or not

Let ‘s live for the present