Babe, it has never been about balance
Nor reciprocity
Never been about who gets the last words
Or what s fair
It is simply how to get closer
whoever took the furthest steps
As long as we wanted the same thing

One another

Backyard MYTH

Thousand flowers on a tomb
Praises written on different cards
Fading smiles and wrapped wound
Love buried in my own yard

I dare you try to resurrect
Things I once used to believe
I planted a seed and I expect
A single rose, my only greed

In my garden grew more and more
A wall of thorns that gives no chance
Potential thieves and invaders
Would feel the sting of my defence

Thousand flowers on a tomb
Praises written on different card
Only a rose can heal my wound
Only her name can own my heart

My eyes are dry, so is my throat
I need a sign, I cannot mourn
Has my plant died, is there a hope?
without that rose , better alone


Oh gentle breeze touching my face
Taming my pride
Composing the notes
From heaven
Oh Falling waves
Crushing my fear
My destination
Is peace
Whispering through my soul
Linger , linger in my heart
Oh freedom
Touch me where it hurts the most
Break the wall of thorns
I am a prisoner of my own shelter
Expose me to the light
Then shadows of reality would stay behind
Wanna soar with the morning sun
Run to the sunset glow
dive into the depth
Where monsters of the sea
Ghosts of sinking ships
Would share their stories
And u gentle breeze
Would deliver them
Touch one s face
Tame one s pride
Break one s fear
After all
The best destination
Is peace


Rebellion is my confort

pain is my reason

Tame my wild heart

to be able to be captivated by your love

To submit to your affection

Because I am afraid

not to be broken

but to be right

…that I could actually fly




It happened


Where have thy hidden my garden

Where storm messed up with our roof

And mum would make some peaches jam

And I fed my dolls in my baby boots

Melodies of old are fading away

My tears, my sulk,my rebellion

Trapped within the morning mist

Appear like ghost

Gone unnoticed

Take a photograpth

Of this moment

Coz I might forget

It happened


Rain was hammering from the licking roof

A bed of two shared by five

In the affection you struggled to express

Well received from for old tales moment

When our frozen toes where tied on yours

That s the place of comfort

That s the love I know

That s my precious jewel

Treasured and safely kept by the guardian of memories

My childhood made magical


The mirror is broken

The lies are scattered all over the floor

Made my feet bleed but I can heal

Only about time

She is gone and not coming back

No more reflection of you  in me

Tastes like





Home for dreamers

Understand my silence

Recieve my tears without asking questions

And feed my mind with life when my eyes are closed

Take me to a safe land

Where I can be who I am

Naked and imperfect