Winter this year is too long

my skin too thin this cold too strong

my gaze is frozen to what cannot be

Denial cocoon, suffocating me

my heart, a seed, that died within

I lost all hopes , I no more feel

the night is digging far deeper

exploring caves of  old dreamer

all it does is break me more, as days go by

my eyes now dry

defeated will, chosen fall

I am giving up  ,it built a wall

silence echoes and writes my name

burning trace ,invisible flames

stuck in between opposite extreme

winter s too long , I no more feel



Hi everyone, I havent written anything for a very long time and I am losing it, I feel like I am unable to write anymore, I did try but always failed. When I read my old poems I dont feel like they re mine. Today, I didnt plan to write at all, but I just did, I dont even know if it makes sense or not, but this is it for now, I have no idea when is the next .May this be another new beginning though.











I send you my love

all that I possess

in a paper I fold

I wrote your address

It would travel the world

it would touch the sky

from the courage I earned

I made it fly

I am home alone

waiting for its  return

was season too warm

coz paper can burn?

I have been waiting for long

has it reached your hands?

not knowing hurts

it s my love I sent

Just looking forward

no pressure , no rush

till the day would come

I am dreaming of us 40535881_1088294944673172_4205400030829346816_n.jpg









dear beloved everyone
I am writing to apologize to all my followers because I just disappeared without warning, leaving your comments with no reply or delayed in replying them since May I think when we got a baby at home (not mine) and life took a completely different routine and priorities. Couldn’t write that often after that or at all eventually.
M also on a trip for 3 months at Sainte Marie island since 2 weeks now (not for holiday) where internet is limited see not accessible at all at some places. I just wanted to give a small update of my life so you won’t think I forgot you.I miss writing and I miss you too,when I come back officially,not now,I ll have a lot to share. meanwhile you comments are always appreciated especially that m quite isolated where I am now ,extremely busy,but isolated from civilizations ha3 and others.
Sending my warmest hugs to all and my malala who will surely read this.

The picture of you


My eight -year -old feet

First time kissing  delicate sand

the  blue flip flop fish

the wave had greeted with stealing  hand

He couldn t swim yet!

he hurrried to travel the silver land to the sunset dream

Alone and unreached

Morning  struck like the first sunray that opened my eyes

when yours where shut

unfinished dream suddenly cut

my heart  upside down

following the rythm

of the waves stumbling unto one another

like those past three days

I  was watching the sea, wishing for your return

was wishing in vain

The dancing sun  blinding my eyes

forever depriving the vision of you

the puzzle summer the family had

had lost a piece , the picture of you

As the sun is drawing the biggest smile on the kid’s face

today I am drawing the last smile that I could save

from a memory

twenty years ago

I  am letting  you go

on a summer rain.




one destination

1-I have always been a stranger in  your house

I am learning all the rules but always missing one

I found a shelter when I crossed your way

but I am not meant to stay, this is not my home

one destination, we re many on the road

there’ s no competition

we will all one day soon be home

2-I have always been a stranger in this world

I thought I knew my way but I get lost someday

in this forest of decisions there is a role to play

sometimes I am the hunter

sometimes I am the prey

Don’t know when I am gonna settlle 

did you know you are my destination?

the hands that I had to let go have shown me the rainbow to follow…

I am getting closer to my home

The veil of time

On my way to you, time made me dizzy

I was so close but darkness overcame me

on my way to you, my eyes were half shut

I wanted to focus but places changed a lot

when I thought I was now there

I checked in  every room

Suddenly awake, morning came to soon

You came to me once, fast as shooting star

disappeared in a blink after filling my jar

On my journey to you , I came to understand

I might never see you , but you re holding my hand

Let my feet be yours , and your voice be my guide

in this journey to life , when reality seems to hide

the path of joy to unfaded light

from simple goodnight kiss

you’re not alone to fight,

I ll be your ally , your beautiful hippogriff

How thick is the veil that prevents your sight

I ll be actively patient









my limit

I am a skinless spirit

wandering in the realm of reality and dream

searching for my home

Have I ever been born ?

on each door I knocked

love , such a filling smoke suffocating me and fading away

so I am walking away

Again, I am a shapeless spirit

looking for a form to be understood

so  befriending the mood

who declined my wish

ignored the presence I am doubting to have

Do I even exist?

what are my limits and my reference ?

author of silence ?

am I a spirit first?

an emotion without name that come here and then

and stay invisible ?


I am a mobile state that could travel time but never your line

and your authority

I am no one’s body  anyone  could actually own

I am an idea one can make of me

oh insanity!

I am a skinless spirit

wandering in the realm of your long lost innocence

now unrecognizable

the more you re getting old

an unwanted child you denied to own

since long time ago

because everyone did so

but I am sharing your blood

I am a your spirit , I am your ghost

In between expectation and your broken trust

I knew we did part

whoever can blame…






Write with Roy & Dee Kay #1: Tinted Windows to Beautiful Rose !!!

talking about puzzle :-), enjoy ❤

The Floating Thoughts

Dear Reader,

Witness the conversation that drips every drop of emotional exchange between a couple…a couple that was meant to drift apart…apart across the tinted window…window that encapsulates his heart into a dark cell and captures hers into a beautiful rose…

Will they ever come together?…


The poets have been mentioned with their verses and their blog links.

Find time to visit them in order to read beautiful poetry.

PS: Roy & Dee Kay feels humbled and touched by the love and participation shown by all the poets.

Watching you through those tinted windows

I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose
Wounds of past are what you have chose 
Over this recklessly silly lover of yours
Bundled in pains this heart wails of your woes
I do see them even when you don’t wish…

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Counting my blessings

on my lonely walk I stumbled upon you

I smoothed  my step to walk next to you

carrying a bag of busy future plan

what s heavy gets light as you re taking my arm.

On my lonely night you re staying awake

sharing your time when I know you should rest

In  my lonely thought you come to visit

we go somewhere nice get something to eat

you  re asking questions waiting for  byriani

and I am feeling home as you re listening to me

on my lonely dream I could travel the world

preparing stories for  days when I am old

how I gave my trust to a then stranger

Who ve become a part of  my heart’s calender

who made you believe you were no good at anything ?

you yourself are best at keeping me smiling

here is for the present and the unknown future

we ve got this treasure of friendship to nurture




















would you ?

May your shoulder become the vessel of my heart

just this moment if you would allow

may your lips hold all the curious questions

just for a moment as I would let go

may your arms limit my own safety

because on my own, I would break apart

may your chest be a pillow for my downcast face

and your warmth a balsam for my invisible cuts

may we stay still  just for a moment

in the calmest place and the softest breeze

when I lift up my head pleading for no comment

exposing the reddest eyes ,taming the weakest knees

Uttering my thanks in an effortful whisper

I am now ashamed as I am looking at you

attempting to smile as I am feeling much better

you know I have got my bad days too.