Celebrating YOU

Today I am celebrating my 50 followers and 200 likes on” Puzzle of the heart”. please read till the end :-p

I started “Puzzle of the heart” in february 2018 with no idea or particular goal at the very beginning but to have a place where I can pour my heart instead of my tears because february this year was one of my hardest time ever. I found myself so disconnected from it all and nothing made sense , I just wanted to “not exist” as long as I couldn t figure out in what another day would matter, I am not implying I was suicidal but I felt so burried in  the darkest hole alive,and with no more energy to continue anything anymore.

I did not plan to write consistently after few posts  and especially not continue in poem but One followed , liked, another one too,then other more .For me it meant a lot, not necessarily the number but the CARE, even just to read me. With  The followers gradually  growing and the likes especially after Naya’s blog party (I am genuinely grateful for ), I  just found a space for me, a home, I just felt  reborn and part of something  again, challenged in so many ways. Now I can see the light again , thanks to your reflections ,your supports through comments and likes.

50 surpasses my expectation actually (I didn’t  expect anything at first). The virtual world is such a blessing and for me you are not just followers but people I want and need  to respect. You are the polishing hands for my rusted heart indeed^^. I really do appreciate you all and I really want to know you better .So I would love to ask questions and you ‘re welcome to answer any of your choice or all by starting with your name and the country you come from. It is fine if you have got questions to ask too.

1- Why did you start blogging?

2- what is your dream?

3-What is the quote that defines you the most?or A quote you try to live by?

4-what do you do in life/ what is your job/what do you study?

5-What makes you special?

6-What do you expect as a follower?


Meanwhile, sending the warmest hug ❤






Who made you  believe

difference is  disqualification?

Because you are surrounded by

those who call themselves normal?

When does comformity mean power

Authority using pressure

Establishing a square standard

Isolating the unfitted mark

whose scale can even measure

The width, the worth ,the honnor

The value of an individual?

You are allowed to be  anything

beyond  the colour of your skin

the colour of your season and its in between

the culture you grew in

Introvert or outgoing

whatever your gender, you are a human being

You have the right to be complicated or simple

married or single ,ordinary or special

The right to create yourself as you get older

To make mistakes ,succeed, to learn and discover

To believe or to doubt, to have an opinion

But nobody has the right , nor you nor anyone

to look down on  your neighbour

just because they don ‘t fit in your standard

How could you afford to judge  their worth?

The price is too high, your life is too short

So let’s give a proper space for groups , for loners

Finding freedom in respecting others

It takes practice

But this is  beauty without artifice

26772023_10155335475366267_33645800_o (1).jpg




























Hold me

Behind the tender lips

sewn with a  fragile thread

lies your favorite speech

made of the sharpest blade

behind the tender lips

using love as excuse

Your tongue is a flying fist

signing my bluest bruise

Behind my tender lips

I swore in silent tone

to calm the raging beast

that turns my heart to stone

behind my tender lips

The most bitter taste

I wince and swallow the ink

which on the paper I paste

A black and white stain

on this paper heart

illustrates all the pain

I need to garbage out




Mystery oh mystery

bring me back  a piece of me

A lost piece that made me  broke

a healing kiss  that could wake up

a sleeping soul deprived of meaning

a drop of potion to rise my dream

Again and again, in every part

A polishing hand for a rusted heart

Mystery , restore that piece

The world  had once succeeded to twist

Unhook that grip of resistance

Unveil the core of existence

















I wish I could  word the unexplainable

Reach the  unattainable

be able but I can’t

at least not for  the moment

I won t go  defensive

I ve been unexpressive about my other self

renounced  seeking for help

to raise my white flag

when on the battlefield

I am already dead even before being killed

When I open my eyes assuming it is another day

I  find myself armed

in the same battlefield

Sometimes I make it through

this is how I am presented to you















Not asking for independance, part I

“I hate boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I hate boys”

when she was a kid

“I love boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I love boys”

when she was a teen

“I am afraid of men”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I am afraid of them”

she was in her twenties

“I need men”

“I am still afraid of them, but not of those I am close

I still hate them , but not those I am close

I care for them

because I know they do the same”

She is a woman, she doesn ‘t need a special attention

but a different attention

She ll never ask for equality

but respect her whith her ability

She will never steal the men’s task

But she may help if she was asked.

To be continued….










Exposed in the spotlight

a countless pairs of eyes, like  hungry  arrows

I am the target

they are all expectant ,waiting to be spoonfed  with a show

Applause was needed to earn

all the time invested,

the love and affection

energy lost in rehearsal

Back on the scene , I once used to enjoy

Now doubt fills my soul

A move,  disobedient

A failed performance

made the  unsatisfied audience

throw their arrows

ripped me with everything I knew and owned

With only dignity left, I left the scene

wounded, bleeding


I am not coming back

I wanna be left unrecognised for the rest of the world

and only sing  for those who deserve

myself and my beloved ones

who will throw laughters ,mocking and loving words

when I happen to fall again

And I would keep on falling for them



















A good fight


Rattle of the trees

a touch from the breeze

softly kissing my face

music to my soul

my knees unstable

I capitulate

a lump in my throat

tears running down

out of control

what have I done

I do not deserve this

yet this is my own

footsteps gradually approaching

my heartbeat leaping

nothing beyond what my eyes currently may consume

is more beautiful

than to know deep inside

that I am the bride of the most high


The way you love me I used to take for granted

I come and I leave

The very witness

of my daily and ongoing unfaithfulness

my valiant knight

who fought the dragon that kept me captive

tells” I am accepted”

Love in its ultimate beauty

I struggle to return

But I am ready to learn













life package

Sunday comes with space to rest

with dusting ,rubbing furniture

giving a look at the abandoned nest

adding sense to the passing hour

on the couch my mind creates

locking the gate of my phobia

Imagine the life  my soul donates

where I can afford Utopia

As you come ,interruptive

bringing me back to reality

pulling the sheet that’s wrapped around, invasive

  you re my mess , my extra need

On a sunday afternoon, my eyes devour

the blue sky painted  cotton clouds

the lake of sad and happy hour

the trees  of  routines that make me numb

In between the silence and noise

I  am aware of my own breathing

 A present meant to be enjoyed

under the rain and silver lining




















falling in love

IMG_5388Familiar silhouette

quite far from my sight

the closer I get, then to realize , it was a mirage

A memory, I actually lived?

A vivid dream, obsessive fantasy

That was haunting myself?

Can’t make the difference.

I ve seen you before

A familiar silhouette

with a mystery ending

a story rooted far deep within

but can’t figure out

illusion or real?Am I safe still?

I am on my defence, staying alert

You are feeding my doubt

fidgeting my heart

stealing my gaze

to finally amaze myself without my permission.

You are not a stranger

a familiar silhouette

becoming a friend , an eventual threat?

I need to figure out